We offer a variety of laundry equipment leasing options for apartments and business owners, including on-premises and route leasing. If you need help deciding which option best fits your needs, contact Straits Laundry for more information and expert advice.

On-Premises Leasing

 With on-premises leasing, the distributor provides laundry equipment to the customer for a specified period of time. In return, the customer makes periodic payments to the distributor. Many different types of laundries take advantage of equipment leasing for their on-premises washers and dryers.

Route Leasing

With route operation, the distributor typically installs, maintains, and upgrades the laundry equipment in the customer’s laundry room. In return, the customer shares collection revenue with the distributor. Because the distributor owns the equipment, the customer does not need to pay an upfront cost. The customer’s responsibilities usually include paying utility bills, cleaning the laundry room, and notifying the distributor when a machine requires repairs. Route leasing is often used by landlords and management companies who run multi-housing developments, like apartments, dormitories, and retirement communities.