Our Customers Say

“ It has been a great association with Straits Laundry , We work with same wavelength to achieve better results I must also add the support what we receive from Straits Laundry has been phenomenal”

ChiranjeeviDirector- Sales “Digitech Pvt Ltd Bangalore”, Karnataka

“We work together as a team with Straits Laundry this is one of the major reason for our success also with most selfless approach from Straits Laundry to promote us in our region helps us to add new customers and projects”

Mohammed GhaniManaging Director “Ghanial Trading” Chennai, Tamilnadu

“To represent Straits Laundry in financial capital of India requires lot of support because of cutthroat competition we face in our region but I have to digress here and mention that despite of tough competition we are able to succeed and execute some of the best projects like Hinduja Group , Supply to defence etcetera with the support of Straits Laundry”

Krishnakumar DhamalDirector and Founder “Visionary Ventures”- Mumbai, Maharashtra

“When we decided to build Straits laundry Laundromat in Delhi- NCR we knew in our mind it is going to be a mountainous effort but with the support we had from Straits Laundry it has been a smooth sailing “touch wood” through out the process and just when we approach to the final phase now we realise that we are building the finest laundromats in our region”

Himanshu MagonDirector “Laundromat Ventures“ – Delhi – India