Speed Queen commercial washer and dryer, cutting edge technology meets craftsmanship that has been refined for over a century. Quality comes first. We don’t skimp on components or cut corners in design and engineering. We plan, we test, and we build our machines with commercial grade metal parts that are proven to last substantial period worth of laundry in the average home, so you know you’re getting the quality, durable product, generations of people have come to know and love.

Speed Queen laundry equipment is designed for commercial use and applies the same technology and commercial grade components to all of our models intended for use in the home. Our machines are tested to 10,400 cycles. When you take into consideration that the average user washes 8 loads per week, 52 weeks per year, that equates to 10,400 cycles or 25 years in the average home.

No matter whatever may be the end user requirements for their laundry needs from Heavy duty laundry washer , commercial electric laundry dryer or stack able laundry machine Speed Queen has it all.

When square footage is at a premium, Speed Queen stacked washer and dryers or even called as Speed Queen Commercial Stacker offer the perfect solution. This convenient design allows double the capacity in the space of one machine while sacrificing nothing in performance and wash/dry quality. Designed for ultimate user convenience, these two-in-one space savers also conveniently locate controls for both washer and dryer in the middle of the machine for easy access and operation.

Speed Queen Commercial stacker is a viable model in this world of space constraint and its efficient dryers adds the “Touché “ point.Speed Queen eases the cumbersome process of outside drying and challenges during monsoons and winters, the much efficient dryer gives phenomenal and comprehensive results when it comes to drying with the greater extraction in the process drying becomes much shorter and much easier.

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