The Proven Performer in Laundry

Laundry is all we do. And we do it better than anyone. Just ask the businesses that depend on us and you’ll know why Speed Queen and Primus is the undisputed leader in commercial laundry

Alliance Laundry Systems have been making world-class laundry equipment since 1908. The reason behind Alliance Laundry success and longevity is simple because they build better machines, develop smarter technologies and provide unmatched customer support.

Reliable Products

Alliance Laundry machines aren’t just built to outperform and outlast—they’re also designed to make you more profitable.

Innovative Controls

Alliance Laundry Machine’s cutting-edge controls make running your business easier and more profitable while freeing up more of your time.

Comprehensive Support

Speed Queen® and Primus best-in-class distribution network of true laundry experts are dedicated to your success.

Design Services

No matter what your space looks like now, Alliance Laundry Systems can help you transform it into an efficient and profitable laundry facility.

From advanced controls to cloud-based management platforms, Alliance Laundry Systems technology makes the business of laundry more efficient, accessible and profitable. And it’s all designed for seamless user experience.

Speed Queen® and Primus offers proven solutions and industry-leading technologies that make running a profitable laundry business easy.

New Speed Queen and Primus equipment does more than save you money it makes you money: less downtime and more turns per day means more revenue

A better customer experience means a healthier bottom line. Give your customers what they want.

New equipment enhances the laundry experience, attracting more customers and more business by creating:

  • A premium laundromat experience that helps you attract and retain more customers.
  • Competitive advantages like mobile payments, touch-screen controls, and more efficient machines give you an edge over other laundromats in your area.
  • New marketing opportunities that showcase your store’s new upgrades and reinvigorate your business.

Minimum maintenance cost, down time, lower utility cost contribute to higher return.