Straits Laundry Pte Ltd, Singapore is one of the region’s largest distributors of Alliance Laundry System LLC, USA for Laundry equipment and parts, we distribute Speed Queen and Primus Brand Laundry machines and set up Laundromats equipped with Alliance Laundry Machines.

Straits Laundry Pte Ltd has a well-established business relationship with Alliance Laundry Systems, the manufacturer of Speed Queen, Primus, Huebsch, Unimac and IPSO commercial laundry equipment.

Besides distributing Speed Queen Laundry machines, we distribute DEMA dispensing pumps from USA, Pony Finishing Equipment from Italy.

Spare parts for entire brands of Alliance Laundry Systems are available with us.


Straits Group started out in 1985 in Singapore (former name Sharafath Trading and Al Noor Int), as a humble sole proprietorship founded by Sheikh Babu Nooruddin, we were the distributors in branded consumer electronics, washing machines, refrigerator and Air-conditioners. The company was distributing, wholesaling and exporting the above items to Asian region, India and African markets, with a proven track record of 35 years in business.

Straits Laundry Pte Ltd, Singapore was established few years ago to team up with Alliance Laundry Systems to provide the highest-quality equipment and service on the market.

Our main focus is to supply Speed Queen and Primus Machines for those who want to set up laundromats in this region and as a company to invest into Laundromat business in the region.

We focus mainly on coin-operated laundromats, on-premises laundry equipment, nursing homes, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, Spas, Gyms, dry cleaners, and schools. Straits Laundry has a solution for all your laundry set ups with cutting edge technology from Alliance Laundry Systems USA., We guide our clients how to run a profitable laundry business, much of our equipment is designed to save time, money in utility and maintenance costs.

Straits Laundry has invested into B2B and B2C laundromats in Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and India.