Straits Laundry Franchisee Laundromat

We at Straits Laundry build our Laundromat with great Panache; we work with high precision which makes the most extravagant work look ridiculously easy.

Equipped with world’s best laundry equipment Straits Laundry Laundromats adopts equipment with latest technology and innovation.

Our Franchisee laundromats are the flag bearer of Quality and Elegance, with greatest technology makes it as Flag Ship Laundromats.

Our Franchise Outlets

Straits Laundry Laundromat Franchisee Setup in Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township,Yangon, Myanmar on 14 Jan 2020, Laundromat is fully equipped by Speed Queen

Straits Laundry laundromat setup in Sricity Tada , Andhra Pradesh on March 2020, Laundromat is fully equipped by Speed Queen Machines

Straits Laundry First Flagship Outlet @ 11 , Perak Road , Opened on September 2020 in Singapore

Straits Laundry Laundromat Flagship Second Outlet @296 Lavender Street, Opened on 4th December, 2020 In Singapore.

Straits Laundry Laundromat Flagship Third Outlet @ 76 Shenton Way Financial District, Opened on 15th January, 2021 In Singapore.

Straits Laundry laundromat fourth outlet @ 226 South Bridge Road( China Town), opened on August ,2021 in Singapore

Straits Laundry laundromat fifth outlet @ 333 Geylang Road opened on Jan ,2022 in Singapore