Speed Queen hospitality laundry machines answers the challenges faced every day by the hospitality sector Across the world. In hotels ranging from boutique to large international chains, heritage classics to contemporary luxury, Speed Queen is the proven performer for hotel laundry solutions. Our range of equipment is proven to withstand the most demanding requirements of the Hospitality sector and we make no compromises when it comes to performance.

Our experience is second to none and we have the know how to help you determine such business considerations as the optimum balance between working hours, the number of kilos treated and the most cost-effective staffing levels and energy efficiencies.

Hotels require greater flexibility and capacity in order to clean high-quality linen and towels. Speed Queen’s high-efficiency laundry systems are designed to meet these challenges, giving you the highest productivity, lowest operating costs and perfect results. Speed Queen hotel laundry machines are the best option to cater in house laundry services for the hotels of all size.

Speed Queen laundry machines for hostels is another feather to the hat in hospitality sector with raising needs for in house laundry especially in institutions, Speed Queen laundry machines for hostels are most viable and hygienic solution.

Laundry machines for restaurant and spa is another major vertical were Speed Queen hospitality laundry machines plays a major role by taking some of the dirtied dining table clothes to soggy towels. Speed Queen is the answer for all with superior washing and drying technology in place it eases the laundry worries for restaurants, salon and spa.

Speed Queen brings the comprehensive laundry solution to hospitality sector from hygiene to clean and fresh laundry.

Hospitality Laundry Solutions

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