Speed Queen vended laundry machines are the best solutions you have for a non-assisted laundry. Entrepreneurs all over the world find success with Speed Queen providing profitable vended laundry services.In fact Speed Queen laundromats have a 94.5% success rate. Speed Queen equipment is a strong contribution to that success because it’s designed and manufactured for consistent , ongoing profitability.

A well-Managed laundromat or multi-housing laundry using Speed Queen vended laundry machines is a great business that can perform well even when the wider economy is down.Speed Queen vended laundry machines eliminates the labour concept and its pay as you go system attracts the end users to utilise the services and save their valuable time.

Speed Queen Vended laundry machines can be operated as Coin operated laundry machine , card integrated laundry machine and token operated laundry machine etc..,as per the requirement of the laundry store.

From Institutions to Corporates to multi-housing apartments non-assisted laundry with Speed Queen Vended laundry machines is here to stay and broadly welcomed in this fast paced world among the young entrepreneurs and end users.

From the investors and entrepreneurs perspective SpeedQueen vended laundry machines can assure most pragmatic system in place assuring zero pilferage.It also addresses the major business challenge of engaging a skilled labour and intensive labour which is totally eliminated with Speed Queen vended laundry machines. Speed Queen Vended laundry machines can also monitor number of cycles each machine has completed this helps the business owner to have a better access without his or her physical presence in their respective laundry store.With business access made simple and precise monitoring for business owners and entrepreneurs they can expand the business with multiple stores and gain more profitability.

As the world’s largest commercial laundry company, we help you achieve profitability with more laundry services than anyone else in the industry.

Speed Queen Vended Brochure

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