Wet cleaning is an innovative, business-changing solution from SpeedQueen – and everything customers need to transform their dry cleaning operation into a next generation business and it’s available now. Delivers superior performance, cleaner garments and positive financial impact for our customer’s business. Speed Queen wet Cleaning laundry machines are the biggest innovation in cleaning in 100 years.

Moving from the most “Wonkish” and “ Hazardous” process by traditional laundry dry cleaning machine and solvents.For years now Dry cleaning machine suppliers has been adopting the solvents in the process causing serious environmental impact. Wet cleaning is an innovative, game-changing solution from SpeedQueen, it offers you professional cleaning that will future-proof your dry cleaning business.

Years of relentless trial and error process with constant research & development strategies with some of the great minds in the business has finally paid off, Wet cleaning process which uses water to clean garments the same way dry cleaners have been doing for decades by using solvents. The difference with Wet Cleaning is that the garments are truly clean!

Over a period we have been observing that the end users were constantly exploring on the next best technology available for Dry cleaning we come across some of the search Dry cleaning machines for commercial laundry ,laundry dry cleaning machine for all them Wet Cleaning solution from Speed Queen is the most relevant answer with Eco friendly process.

For the first time oil, grease, motor oil and wax stains can be removed at room temperature in water. Wet cleaning offers much lower costs than any system on the market (wet or dry) with no negative environmental impact, less spotting and finishing requirement, and higher productivity. As a result it is safe for all garments, you can clean any garment with Wet Cleaning process that you would traditionally dry clean. This makes it ideal for cleaning special items like children’s and baby clothing.

Wet Cleaning Softwash Catalog

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