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How to Start a Profitable Laundry Business in 2022 with Straits Laundry Franchise

If you are looking for an efficient franchise to start your laundry business, then Straits Laundry Franchise is going to be your ideal solution. The Franchisee Laundromats of Straits Laundry work as flag bearers of elegance as well as quality with its advanced technology. Check how you can start a profitable laundry business in 2022 with Straits Laundry Franchise!

  1. Different customised packages

To serve you at the initiation of your laundry business, the company has come with different packages. These packages are-

  • Economy saver package (Stainless Steel)
  • Economy saver package (White)
  • Designer Series Mix Package 1
  • Economy Commercial Package
  • Designer Series Package 2 and 3

Keeping different necessities and budgets of customers in mind, these packages have been designed so that customers can feel confident while investing in the laundry business.

  1. Franchise setup in different nations

Straits Laundry has franchise setups in different nations, including Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, and India. In these nations, the company has successfully promoted high-quality and fully equipped machines of Speed Queen. Hence, you can take help from these Straits Laundry Franchises.

  1. Helping customers through providing different services

To start your laundry business, the company is helping through different services such as financing, revenue sharing, and leasing. While working with Straits Laundry, you are going to have help from in-house departments of financing. This department works with different business lenders. In this way, you can get the best available financial services to your requirements.

Further, this company offers different leasing options of laundry equipment, including route and on-premises leasing. At the initial period of your business, we give you the offer of free equipment installation as per our program of revenue sharing.

To get more information on Straits Laundry Franchise, contact us today and start your business!

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