Speed Queen healthcare laundry machines answers healthcare’s everyday challenge. Speed Queen healthcare laundry machines is proven to withstand the most demanding requirements of healthcare businesses in both public and private sectors and we make no compromises when it comes to performance. Your needs are what drive us and we have the know how to help you reach the optimum balance between working hours, the number of kilos treated and the most cost-effective staffing levels and energy efficiencies. The products and technologies that we have developed are also tailored to you, such as the ‘barrier’ workflow concept for better hygiene.

Speed Queen washer-extractors are cost efficient and sustainable. This means low running costs, due to low water usage and reduced energy and detergent consumption. Less waste, low emissions and recyclable products demonstrate that environmental and economic considerations are as important to us as they are to you. Better organisation of your laundry facility and energy recycling also contribute to industry-leading sustainability

Speed Queen hospital laundry machines achieves the highest quality results while controlling energy and water consumption and all aspects of the process.

Hospital laundry machines is not like any other laundry machines they need to follow the HAI (Hospital acquired infections) guidelines Speed Queen hospital laundry machines are equipped with all such basic and advanced technology to take care of hospital linens assuring safe and hygiene laundry.

Health Care Laundry Solution Catalog

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