Stand-out laundry solutions adding extra notch of Hygiene to Hospitals and Nursing Homes. When you talk about hospitals or any healthcare, standards need to set at a very higher level especially in an area were infection need to be controlled or rather eliminated.

Ask your Straits Laundry Expert today, as they deal with the world’s best Barrier washer extractor from the house of  Speed Queen hospital laundry machines.

Our experts will design the most pragmatic laundry for your hospital or healthcare center.


Hygiene Driven Laundry

When you are in an industry were “Error is the word belong to the Alien’s world” Our best in class Barrier washer Extractor produces greater results with hygiene.

Laundry Worries Sorted

When you have the world class experts and the laundry machines from the Global leader save your focus to elsewhere.

Optimised Solution

With most translucent planning by our experts to bring in the most suitable laundry for your Hospital compiled with world’s best advancement and technology in disinfection process.

Calculated Overheads

When your operations needs minimum labour and consumes reasonable amount of valuable resources.

Cost of ownership at its best

When you have a substantial amount of savings in water and electricity , with intact Turn around Time and you function with world’s best sustainable machine.

Support and Service

Support team which believes in equally empowering their clients in the technical front with easy access to spares and service.