Express Laundry in the Express world, laundry in just 60 minutes (wash & dry). Business acceleration for launderette owners. Straits Laundry truly believes in constructing a laundromat with great Panache, equipped with the worlds best brand Speed Queen, they can build your laundromat with vended solutions and latest in store SQ insights and SQ value centre.

With proven returns on investment on the individual laundry outlet or our own Franchise chain, Straits Laundry and Speed Queen enjoys hand in glove effort to manoeuvre your business to the right direction.

With new technology and innovation in place Speed Queen Commercial laundry Machines has changed the dynamics of laundromats.


Speed Queen App

Customers love the features of the Speed Queen app, which offers the convenience of paying for cycles from their phone, in addition to keeping them updated on when cycles are completed.

Speed Queen Insights

Owners love that Speed Queen Insights gives them quick and easy access to all the data they need to make decisions that will increase profitability.

Speed Queen Value Centre

The Speed Queen® app gives the customer a convenient and flexible laundry experience for the way they live.

Phenomenal Results

Laundry in readiness in less than 60 minutes (Wash & Dry) with superior washing and drying enhanced with greater finishing.

Laundry Worries Sorted

When you have the world class experts and the laundry machines from the Global leader save your focus to elsewhere.

Optimised Solution

With most translucent planning by our experts to bring in the most suitable vended laundry solutions for your laundromat compiled with world’s best advancement and technology.

Biggest Innovation

Wet cleaning the biggest innovation of laundry in 100 years,This is the greatest catalyst and money spinner for the business owners.

Upward Profit Graph

When you have a substantial amount of savings in water, electricity ,limited man power, intact Turn around Time and you function with world’s best machine with superior sustainability.

Support and Service

Support team which believes in equally empowering their clients in the technical front with easy access to spares and service.