Everything That You Should Know About Barrier Washer Extractor

Nowadays, Speed Queen Barrier Washer Extractors are the major requirement among the health care sector. With superior quality and durability, these barrier washers and extractors are becoming popular day by day, especially in the healthcare sectors. Straits Laundry with new innovations can help you to modify the existing laundry design or can even help you to set up a new laundry system.

What is the main functionality of Barrier Washer Extractors?

The main functionality of a barrier washer extractor is to separate out the clean, disinfectant, and tidy laundry from the untidy, contaminated and soiled linen of the hospitals or any other sector. Keeping the different laundries away from each other is to be taken care of especially in the hospitals and healthcare sectors to avoid many contagious diseases to spread.

How can the Barrier washer extractor help to avoid microbiological contamination?

In the hospitals and healthcare sectors, the rate of microbiological contamination is very high. So, special attention is given to the laundries to keep the contamination away. There is a high risk of contamination or re-contamination that is associated with the clothes of the patients and staff. The barrier washer extractor comes with the concept of the hygienic barrier which has a bio contamination control system. It has a dual door design which prevents the contact of the contaminated and disinfected laundry.

The Speed Queen Barrier Washer Extractors have two different chambers for loading and unloading. The sensors used in the doors ensures that when the loading side is open, the unloading side is locked and vice-versa. This promotes greater hygiene because there is the least contact between the linens.

The above-given information tells you the advantage of barrier washer extractor and how this can be a great help in the hospitals and healthcare sectors to prevent contamination. Straits Laundry is the largest distributor of Speed Queen barrier washer and extractor. So, why wait, get in touch with us now.

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