Pony Laundry Finishing Equipment- Things To Know

Pony Laundry Finishing Equipment- Things To Know

Pony Laundry Finishing Equipment has an experience of 60 years of manufacturing the best quality pressing as well as finishing equipment. This company has earned its fame by supplying reliable products that have satisfied all the requirements of the experts in numerous industries. This company is the first-ever company that has come up with mind-blowing techniques on the ironing table and to begin with the shirt finisher production during the 90’s.

From Laundry industries to Dry-cleaning Industries to Textile Manufacturing Industries, Pony Laundry Finishing Equipment provides various types of products that are able to meet all kinds of needs. In fact, Pony Laundry Finishing Equipment supplies the best steam ironing tables for commercial laundry and finishing equipment.

With the advancement of technologies, our department of technical engineering is always in search of new innovations in our equipments to make your work easier and faster. This is the main reason why we guarantee our customers with technological evolution in our equipments. Don’t worry about the quality of our equipments, you all can blindly rely on for getting the best quality equipments.

Do you want to know why our equipments are the best? Well, then have a look at these following points:

  • Our equipments are first designed.
  • Then after designing, our Metalworking Fabrication, Painting, and Assembly Departments assembled them to check.
  • After this, they are passed on to our Quality Control Department to have final testing.
  • Then, after getting the green signal from that department, we deliver our best quality equipments.

With the development of Laundromat business across the world for the needs of the people to get the best washing care for their favorite clothes, the requirements of excellent quality finishing equipments are also increasing. Pony Laundry Finishing Equipments do add up that touch of grace that you always expect from a laundry.

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