Premium Laundry Outlet in Down Town of Singapore

Premium Laundry Outlet in Down Town of Singapore

Straits Laundry hits the ball out of the park, Opens first of its kind premium laundry outlet in down town of Singapore.

Straits Laundry is now flexing it’s muscles with Bravado image in the laundry industry, Laundromats with an unique amalgamation of technology, innovation and premium services sets all new and high standards.

Keeping the pulse of the consumer in mind Straits Laundry not only does the premium laundry but with its methodology helps maintain the garment.

From most expensive designer wear to the regular daily wear Straits Laundry has the infrastructure to process all in one roof.

Their premium outlet in Little India right at the heart of the city in Singapore is the new landmark, Store offers both assisted and non assisted laundry services, handles garment from daily regular wear to most expensive designer wear.

Visit the store today and experience the difference.

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Sheikh Babu

Straits Group started out in 1985 in Singapore founded by Sheikh Babu Nooruddin, We were the distributors in branded consumer electronics, washing machines, refrigerator and Air-conditioners.

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