Reason Explained Why Speed Queen Stack Washer And Dryers Are The Winning Combination

Do you want to set up a laundry business? If yes, you have to be very careful while choosing the laundry machine for your Laundromat. Relying on commercial equipment like Speed Queen Stack washer and dryer can be a smart choice. Let’s have a look at some basic points that make Speed Queen Stack washer and dryers a winning combination.

Business Heritage

It may seem to be inception how laundry machines can provide 10,400 cycles or roughly 25 years of life span. Well, it is true that Speed Queen Laundry machines can offer you a longer lifespan than any other machine. Eight to ten cycles in a day are very common with this machine.

Advanced Engineering

The engineering used to build the Speed Queen Laundry Machine is unmatchable. The Speed Queen Stack washer and dryer is a living legend in the laundry industry. You should be aware of some basic facts that Speed Queen Machines involve fluid-filled balance rings, solid-steel base and heavy-duty springs to maintain a perfect balance while washing the clothes. Moreover, the machine is tested through the electronic controls to one million depressions. The machine is tested through several steps to ensure the highest quality.

Smooth Fabric Care

The specialty of the Speed Queen Stacked Washer and Dryer is its cleaning process. The machine involves the process of Wet Cleaning and advanced cleaning. Therefore, Speed Queen Machine utilizes technology to ensure that the clothes don’t get any harm during the process of cleaning. Whether it is skinny jeans or any other pair of clothes, Speed Queen offers the safest cleaning. However, you can obtain WetCleaning in stackers in its Quantum Gold models.


Speed Queen Machines also come with energy-efficient features. The machine utilizes the highest technology and uses a low amount of water and detergents to wash the clothes. Secondly, the machine can successfully execute each cycle in the shortest time and thirdly, the speed queen commercial washer and dryer is an automatic machine that doesn’t require any external assistance to run. Therefore, you can cut the cost of running in multiple ways.

Comprising all the benefits, if you want to purchase Speed Queen Stacked Washer and Dryer, you may consult us.

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