DEMA Chemical Dispensers

The Role Of Chemical Dispensers In Health Care Sectors

Viruses have become our daily partners. Especially, in the health care sector, we can’t deny the importance of total cleanliness and one of the best ways to ensure cleanliness is to arrange the proper cleaning tools and solutions. When it again comes to cleaning tools, we can’t deny the importance of chemical dispensers. However, DEMA Chemical Dispensers are designed with the latest technology to ensure the perfect measurement of chemicals.

The Importance of DEMA Chemical dispensers

  • Scientists have developed one of the most advanced chemical dispensers in the form of DEMA. This machine is developed to deal with the large proportion of chemical measuring in any Laundry or facility.
  • DEMA has launched highly optimized chemical dispensers for commercial systems. Its customized designs and 4 different pump size are added to deal with different volumes of applications.
  • In DEMA chemical dispensers, the state-of-the-art venturi technology, water-driven proportional and peristaltic pumps for dilution control are used to measurer chemical and fluid.
  • DEMA ensures the ultimate service. This Industrial product has answered all the requirements of the car wash, dairy, irrigation, plant, and agriculture industries.

DEMA is one of the most trusted chemical dispenser suppliers. DEMA institutional devices deal with the process of housekeeping, food service, and processing. They can also be utilized in laundry industries or any place where the exact metering of chemical takes a crucial part.

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