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Wet Cleaning Is The Future, How It’s Taking Over Traditional Dry Cleaning

The days are gone when people incline to the dry cleaning process. Dry cleaning is such a process that involves the use of vulnerable chemical substances like perchloroethylene. However, the problem that occurs with dry cleaning is that the clothes went under the process of dry cleaning, sometimes becoming allergic to the skin and moreover, the dry cleaning process also affects the colour of the clothes. But on the other hand, wet cleaning is such a process that ensures the ultimate cleanliness and safety. Speed Queen WetCleaning Machines has changed the entire game of laundry.

Speed Queen WetCleaning Machines utilize water as a solvent and completes the entire process without creating many discrepancies. Therefore, people nowadays are more inclined to the process of wet cleaning.

How Wet Cleaning takes over the process of Dry Cleaning

  • Speed Queen Machines facilitates the process of wet cleaning. The machine comes with innovative control and advanced technology to ensure that the process gets completed within the stipulated time.
  • Speed Queen Machines utilize a customized washing procedure. Especially, the machine uses biodegradable detergents to make the process smoother.
  • Speed Queen WetCleaning Machines offer an eco-friendly solution to save the environment.
  • The machines are developed with highly advanced technology to ensure less water and detergent consumption during cleaning. Thus, it also makes the process cost-effective.
  • Wet cleaning ensures the total decontamination from oil, grease, motor oil and wax at room temperature.

Take part to save nature and ensure the ultimate cleanliness and install Speed Queen WetCleaning Machines at your place. To learn more about the installation process, please consult Straits Laundry.

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